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Fiber Related Shops:

  • AlexandriaTextiles Another fine shop with spinning and weaving equipment, yarns, fibers, books, workshops and classes.
  • Angora ObsessionsFor the French Angora fiber connoisseur with an eclectic taste. Located in Midland, MI.
  • Catherine Knits a favorite shop in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Carolina HomespunNew owner, Stella Freeo has continued the tradition of this wonderful shop in Ridgeway, VA. Check it out!
  • Fibercations has a new web site. Go see!
  • Fiber Design Studio Spinning and weaving equipment for sale or rental, hand dyed hand spun and commercial yarns, natural and commercial dyes, fibers, books, and video rentals.
  • Fiberworks-PCW Fiberworks PCW, weaving design software, that works and thinks like weavers do. Bob Keates, software developer, and Ingrid Boesel, weaver, collaborate to bring you Fiberworks.
  • The Fold is a great shop in Marengo, Il. Toni Neil carries wonderful fibers and home grown fleeces, as well as spinning and weaving equipment and natural dyestuffs.
  • Halcyon Yarn Yep, the same one you've heard so much about!
  • Handspun by Stefania is Stefania Isaacson's web site. She makes gorgeous handspun knitting kits. Little known, she also makes handmade baskets and sells her naturally dyed rovings.
  • HeartStrings features knitting patterns by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. The Design Collections include inspiring knitted models, many in handspun. Also, browse the Gallery for distinctive fiber-related gifts created from the heart by other artists.
  • Heritage Spinning and Weaving a great shop in Orion, MI. Joan Sheridan does some beautiful dye work as well.
  • The Lavender Fleece has purebred registered Icelandic sheep and wool, and over 20 varieties of lavender plants and lavender products.
  • Needlepoint Joint A great big shop in Ogden, UT, lots of knitting stuff and everything you need.
  • The ManningsThis shop has everything as well, plus some great workshops.
  • Mind's Eye Yarns - a fiber and yarn shop in Cambridge, MA. Free spinning and knitting instruction. Weekly group meetings. Site contains frames.
  • Mountainspun Farm triangle looms, spinning fibers, hanspun & weaving supplies
  • Patternworks A really great catalog! They are now starting to carry spinning stuff.
  • Poston's Paradise Farms a great new spinning and weaving shop located in Normangee, TX.
  • Pride of the Andes Pride of the Andes alpaca farm. Get the fiber from the source.
  • Puddle Jumpers is a toy store! They have added a great crafts department! (Of course - they carry Lollipops!) Drop in next time you are in Billings, MT. Note - web site isn't quite operational yet!
  • Pumpkinspun Fiber Designs Proprietress Sadelle Ann Wiltshire's website. Sadelle is very talented at all the things she does as you can see at her website, which features her handspun fiber jewelry, 'Spindle Jewels', and decorated wooden support spindles.
  • Red Barn Farm Rose Herbst is the proprietress of this weaving and spinning shop, located in Butternut, WI. Does business on the Web!
  • Rock Springs Farm and Fiber Arts Spinning fibers from the farm, wool, angora, sock yarn, free sock size chart, machine knitting sock pattern, book, felt kits, natural fiber dolls, "Pose-able Pixies" and fiber fairies all located in Monterey, TN.
  • Silver Linings is located in beautiful and historic Leadville, CO. Check out their web site!
  • The Spinnery - Check out their cyberspecials!! Located in Neshanic Station, NJ.
  • St. Peter Woolen Mill - a nifty shop located in St. Peter, MN.
  • Straw Into Gold - well known shop for fiber enthusiasts and Ashford afficianados in Berkeley, CA.
  • Susan's Fiber Shop has a new web site - check it out!
  • Trembling Prairie Station - Roberta Murray raises Shetlands and goats in Alberta, Canada. This is a really well-done web site!
  • Weaver's Cottage - this little shop in Canyon Country, CA has an interesting story to tell.
  • Weaving Workshop Everything you need to weave and spin in Madison, WI.
  • The Woolery A wonderful shop in Genoa, NY.
  • Woolgatherings Proprietress Sandy Sitzman does gorgeous dye work on sumptuous fibers.
  • The WoolRoom Susan Vaszquez is the proprietress of this wonderful knitting/fiber shop located in Brewster, NY.
  • Yarns Plus is a mail order yarn business that deals primarily with rayon chenille yarn.

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Fiber Shop E-mail Links:

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Fiberholic Friends and other Informational Sites:

  • Andean Plying Sharon McCarter's web site has an excellent explanation of Andean Plying - complete with pictures!
  • Julia Benson Julia Benson's website full of Julia's fancies - fiber arts, music, travel, women's spirituality, and cybercommunity. Julia features a gallery of her beautifully woven pieces and information about the Atlanta fiber community.
  • Black Sheep Guild Homepages - If you go to the Computer Corner link you will be knocked out by the number of fiber and craft related links! Excellent resource!
  • Connie Delaney, author of Spindle Spinning: From Novice to Expert, and producer of SpinCraft Patterns, which are patterns for handspun yarn. You'll find instructions on spinning with spindles, and also many patterns with the special calculations needed for converting to handspun yarn. You'll want to bookmark this one!
  • Dunnose Head Farm is the remote Falkland Islands home of Clive & Rosemary Wilkinson, whose varied activities feature in this site. Many photographs, sketches and articles illustrate Falkland farm life, wildlife, crafts and people. (And if you need a smile, try Baldrick's Diary of a Farmer's Cat, a somewhat jaundiced view of life...)
  • Eubanks Handwovens -Free information on all areas of wool production and usages from care of sheep to spinning and weaving finished items for the home!
  • The Fiber Resources Page Linda Cunningham has a great index of fiber sites on the Web. Good place to start fiber surfing.
  • HGA Homepage Handweaver's Guild of America, "the" place for spinners and weavers. What more can I say?
  • How to Spin With a Drop Spindle Karen Timmons and Karen Emrey give drop spinning instruction.
  • Deanna Johnson's Hi Fiber site has card weaving, paper crafts, and the Compuserve Sheep Breed Swap Notebook - a great resource for spinners.
  • LoveYourBunsAngora Angora rabbits and information on how to groom and care for them. Located in southern VT.
  • Lynn Ruggles' Drop Spindle Hints Lynn attended a workshop and wrote up her notes to share. Provides helpful information on drop spindling.
  • Janis Saunders The Weaver's Hand is a great informational page for weavers, especially tablet weavers, put together by Janis Saunders.
  • Sheep Breeds - great informational resource from Oklahoma State University.
  • Sisters Curry, The Original Ri'illaWeavers - a very interesting site describing fingerweaving of garments.
  • Spindllitis Teri Pittman has put together a great resource page for spindle addicts. Check out the Knitting Central page for great knitting links too.
  • Spinning Wheel FAQ Christine Jordan tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the parts of a spinning wheel and also reviews different makes of wheel.
  • Ruthe StoweRuthe's site has wonderful links, often mentioned in articles about weaving on the net as being THE place to start for fibre searches.
  • Woolgathering On The Web Janet Montgomery shares her experience learning to spin on a drop spindle and wheel. She also has a great index of spinning related sites on the Web.
  • US Sheep Breed Associations - a good starting point if you are looking for a hard-to-find fleece.
  • Yocom-McColl Testing Laboratories, located in Denver, Colorado, tests raw wool for yield and fiber diameter and provides individual animal fiber testing to provide selection data for breeders of sheep, alpacas, angora goats, cashmere goats and llamas. Interesting site!

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Are You Into BEADS?:

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  • Sugar Plum Sundries Karon Adams' ecclectic website includes sumptuous hand made soaps, soap making supplies, Celtic items, comic books, trading post and great pics of Kenneth Branagh.

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Dried Flowers and Potpourri:

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