Lollipops are highly decorated, hand-painted, top-whorl handspindles and matching threading/sley hooks. All Lollipops are handmade with hardwood. Lollipops come in several luscious "flavors".

(If you are confused at this point, and don't know what handspindles or drop spindles are, click here to learn more about them.)


3-29-07: I was working toward having Lollies available at the upcoming Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair this July. Unfortunately, my dad took ill this past Christmas and - he is now adjusting to life in assisted living, but my sisters and I have had quite a job of taking care of his affairs. That has taken all of my available time. So, I will continue to try and get lollies off the ground before the fair - but it is not looking good right now. I wanted to let you all know, just in case. I don't want to disappoint anyone. I will promise that Lollies will be back - and I will keep you posted here about when that will be.

Lollie Dealers - as of this time, I am not planning to sell Lollies wholesale. The Fold had two spindles left - please contact them if you are interested. I don't believe any of my other old dealers have any stock left - if you are one of them and you do - let me know! Lots of folks are looking for them!

Invitation: Please join us at the first Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair this July 20, 21, 22 in Crystal Lake, Illinois. I am astonished every single day at how this event is coming together- it took on a life of its own since the very beginning! The goals of the event spell out E-I-E-I-O:
Empower: through educational workshops
Inspire: through an art show of finished works
Enable: through an art marketplace filled with the best of supplies and finished goods
Induce: through demonstrations
Opportunity: to celebrate our arts!

I believe a fair should delight all of our senses! In order to do that, we will have wonderful food, a gathering place, and lots of music provided by our "Front Porch Musicians"! You will have plenty for the eye and hand as well - in the workshops, marketplace, and art show.

I also believe in paying back and promoting our arts. To that end, I have invited guilds to participate in this event both as an awareness raiser - they can demonstrate their art and sign up new members for free; and as a fundraiser - if they can help run a concession point, I will donate a percentage of the profits to the guild so they can in turn promote their art and themselves.

We also will be having a fundraising dinner Saturday night (for a reasonable price) to raise money for art scholarships - including a fiber arts college scholarship - a new one that we will create. We have already received our first pledge for the scholarship from: The Fold. Thank you to Toni Neil and The Fold!

We hope you will join us! For more information and up coming online registration (in April) see the web site at

You will find updates about the Fair PLUS great ideas, tips, tricks, articles and projects in the free e-news, The Fiberville Spin, if you are interested - click here to subscribe. The Fiberville Spin is a free publication from the shops of




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