Retired 4/20/02

Someone e-mailed me last spring (2000) asking if I would do a Lollipop with a blue flower. I wrote back thinking, "chickory, bachelor's button, delphinium". She politely suggested flax. What a great idea! Thank you!

The Flax is the latest (18th) Lollipop design. Delicate blue flowers grace the spindle whorl. The background is interesting. I wanted to have a linen look, so I painted the background a lightened linen color, then made a glaze of a darker hue, glazed over the light color and blotted away the glaze in spots to look like weaving.

The Flax spindle is finished with an exterior varnish, making it safe to use damp flax fibers with this spindle. However, linen thread can be stiff when first spun, and I would recommend covering the spindle with waxed paper or freezer paper to protect the finish from the harsh threads. You don't have to spin only flax with this spindle - like the other lollies, it's good for any fine fiber!

These Regular Lollipops are 6 inches long, have a 2 inch diameter whorl, and weigh about an ounce.

whorl top - without hook

Whorl Top (hook is not shown)

 side view





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