December 2006

Well, it's Christmas Eve---albeit, very, very early! I wish you all a merry holiday. I am going to my sister's Christmas day and singing at services later today and tomorrow. I sing with my kids -they are very talented (if I say so myself).

I heard from Piper and Seth and I should have the first Lollie prototype any day now! I'm really excited. I have one design in mind - something a bit different. The other three I plan to do will come to me once I get started. I was thinking about doing a new rendition of one of the older designs. I have grown as an artist over the years and it might be fun to find a new representation of an old theme.

I have spent quite a bit of time redoing this site - and still have a way to go... I have made "seeing the lollies" a bit more navigable, as well. Let me know how you like it. Feedback is a wonderful thing.

The Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair is coming along. Not as fast as I would like, but then again, I tend to think everything should be in high gear...

Last, the Fiberville Spin. I was so happy to get the December issue wrapped. We've had a great response to it - over 60 new subscribers in two days. That kept me on my toes. Funny, as I put the finishing touches on it I thought to myself "this is turning into a magazine"...and sure enough, the very next day someone wrote and said they loved the "magazine".

If you would like to see a particular topic covered or have a topic to discuss yourself, please write to me! I can put it in "To the Editor" a new column! I have started a couple of topics in both issues of the Fiberville Spin - or start a new one yourself. The Fiberville Spin is all about community an community is best when everyone is talking and sharing ideas.

Happy Holidays to all!


November 2006

Exciting news! Those of you who got the Fiberville Spin (you should really sign up for it, it's a great little newsletter, (click here to subscribe) heard a bit about Seth Knight. Seth is off in Denver now, working on plaster. His partner, Piper Clair, is currently looking at my lollie design. I hope to have a prototype in the next two weeks! Next, we'll have to figure out what they will cost to produce.

I've got a couple of designs in mind already. The new spindle will be large and elegant. I am thinking of creating a new concept of one of the older designs for one of them. There will be four new designs total and they will be at the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair next summer.

I also plan to have a second edition of "Spinning With A Drop Spindle" ready by the fair. I have been working on that, just a little for now, during the last couple of months. It will be my winter project.

The fair is coming along nicely too. I am nailing down some of the final details (like contracts and permits), forming partnerships with arts groups, guilds, and the park district, and working on the teachers and vendors. I should be able to start listing workshops and vendors very soon, so stay tuned at!

Fiberville is doing well too - we added four new shops to Main Street last month. This month we are saying goodbye to one shop and there is a new one incoming. I am starting to get articles for the next Fiberville Spin (and have to start thinking about what I'm going to write). We had one new question for the Spin Doc! If you have a question or need some help or advice - drop a line to the Spin Doc and you'll get your answer!

Last - this site. Wow - it is so much fun redoing it! I had no idea, though, how many pages there are on this site. I will be losing some, as I am no longer going to offer the lollies through dealers and so those pages will go. I will probably add some more too.

That's all for now - until next time,

Happy Spindling!


News Flash...September 2006...News Flash...September 2006...News Flash...September 2006........


First, THANK YOU to all Lollie lovers everywhere - I appreciate your support and your love of spindles (Lollies in particular) and spinning! Thank you to those I've run into who have welcomed me back...thank you for all being so patient!

So, what happened to me? I'll give you a short version - but there was some interest in hearing the long version - so I'll tell you more about that at the end.

I had an started when 12 acres of park and an historic mansion went up for sale and was threatened by developers. I love old houses - so I thought I'd get involved, it was only a meeting once in a while, after all. Right...famous last words. It ended up that the community was given 45 days to buy the property. The local chapter of the Jaycees took on the challenge and I was asked to co-chair, as an associate Jaycee and a neighbor. The challenge was to raise $1.6million in those 45 days and the difficulty was...well, we succeeded! It was the experience of a lifetime...but next - what to do with the mansion? The Jaycees couldn't own it, the park district couldn't take it because we had 3 year pledges...and so we set out to find a way to make it self-sustaining. I was honored to be a member of the founding Board of Directors for over four years. I also ended up working as a full-time volunteer during those four years in order to help make it all happen. Every month I would say, I really need to get back to Lollipops, but something else seemed to come up and so it was "well, when I'm done with this, I can get back to Lollipops". In short, it is a pretty large task to undertake and so it went, for all that time.

I will be telling the tale of those 45 days in the first issue of the "Fiberville Spin" E-news. If you'd like to be on the mailing list, drop me an email. The newsletter will also be full of articles on spinning, felting - all the fiber arts, eventually. The first issue is in production now, so it's not too late to get signed up to receive it!

Next - what am I doing now and what about Lollipops? I resigned from the board because, after all that time, I could no longer afford to be a full-time volunteer. So, it was back to work! I was the web master for the old Cyber Fiber Mall, and so I did a spruce up and renovated it into FibervilleUSA - a fiber arts community. I've developed a new plan for it, including the newsletter. Stop by and visit and mouse around - and be sure to visit during the daylight hours and night time - you'll be pleasantly surprised!

As for the'll find something about them in the Fiberville Spin, as well as some other don't forget to sign up, if you are interested!

PS. I welcome all your email, however, the email form I used to use will come up, but the program no longer works. Please use the links on this page to contact me...I'll be fixing all the rest, but that will take a little time.

Happy Spinning!





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