Retired 4/20/02

"Pig Supreeze" is the second in a series of Barnyard Animals All-Day Lollipops. I know, pigs aren't spinnable animals, but they are awfully cute!

The "supreeze" is twofold. First, this spindle comes in various colors. Some examples of colors are shown below. Second, there's the pigs - they are varied too. Some examples are shown around this page.

This All-Day Lollipop is 11 inches in length and has a 4¾ inch diameter whorl. It weighs about 1.7 oz.

New note (11/06): I have to admit - this one was a LOT of fun to do...and I didn't do that many of them because they were relatively new when I had my adventure.


Some color variations (hook is not shown):

Yellow background (hook not shown)
Green whorl top - (hook not shown)
{short description of image}
{short description of image}

Full Length View:

Full Length View of Back





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