Retired 4/20/02

The most beloved of all flowers - the rose. This delicate flower is on a mottled background of ivory and clay bisque with a hint of green, giving it a gentle celery color. A wild rose in full bloom is on top of the whorl. Vining roses wind lazily up the spindle. The rose is a subtle corally-pink color. This one is for all rose–loving spinners!

I'd like to dedicate this design to my Gran - who was the "original" wild Irish rose! She was quite a woman, my role model, and someone that you would always remember once you met her. You all would have liked her too. Do you know that she wanted to make something for her grandchildren, all 19 of us, one year for Christmas, so she bought bolts of material, designed a nighdress for the girls and night shirts for the boys and *hand sewed* all 19 of them? (She didn't have a sewing machine). In all sizes! I still have mine. It is sky blue with clouds and birds on it - because she said I soared. She smelled of corn silk powder and "Toujour Moi" perfume and she had the most wonderful hands and the most beautiful blue sparkly eyes. I miss you, Gran!

These Gourmet Lollipops are 6 inches long, have a 2 inch diameter whorl, and weigh about an ounce.

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Close up of side of whorl
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