Retired 12/31/98

Inspired by the French Impressionists and Victorian sensibilities, the Rosebud is romance. A circle of pink and burgundy rosebuds are painted atop the whorl which is basecoated in either periwinkle with deep purple crackles, or old rose with burgundy crackles. The sides are sprays of open roses, violets and baby's breath.

This was my second design, but I designed it as a Christmas ornament, not a spindle. It wasn't until Moira Ravenscroft requested one as a spindle that I enlarged it. It was my 7th spindle design.

The Rosebuds were retired December 31, 1998. They were numbered up to 146.



Top view of Periwinkle Rosebud

Old Rose

Top view of Old Rose Rosebud

Side view


Rosebud Threading hook







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